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Online gallery platform where artists can upload their works to their own profiles, organize them by themselves, and ultimately sell artworks.

Аs the database has been outdated it’s been crucial to create a new one as well as improve the existing architecture of the website, transfer all the data under conditions of constantly working live website, and updating data. Moreover, we have solved the issue of large-sized images, which have been significantly slowing down the website speed before. For that purpose, we have applied Canvas.js to mold images and then compress them.

To increase sales, we have also implemented a Facebook catalog. Among the other features we have added is the possibility for users as well as moderators to edit user/artwork information from any website page where the user has been mentioned. Therefore, a branched system of roles and inspections has been created which allows to manage a user profile and information much more effectively.

We have created a really user-friendly platform that makes the lives of artists as well as art lovers easier and allows selling and buying artworks in a simple and hassle-free way. The gallery presents a large collection of original artworks created by thousands of talented artists around the world.